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We’re a team of Designers and Developers with over 8 years of experience and strong skills in Visual/ UI Design. Are you grown tired of seeing over cluttered, slow sites that make visitors bounce and look for a solution to their problem somewhere else?
That’s why at Veno, we help businesses attract more customers and therefore generate more revenue with functional, beautiful and user friendly websites and web applications.

We’re focus on three key areas:

  • User Experience

    Thought-out structure and easy-to-use functions are the keys to an intelligent interface.

  • User Interface

    Beautiful and intuitive design is a pleasant experience for your recipient.

  • Web Development

    The semantic and free-bugs code is the perfect working of the digital product.

We had a chance to work for famous brands like:
Ferrero, Walk, Blue Media, Nazwa, Bayer, Nasivin, Placement, Lidl and more less known.

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Centrum Balustrad - Website

Centrum Balustrad - Website

Centrum Balustrad

Travel Finder

  • Veno is wonderful to work with. They worked to understand our needs, prototyped with us, and delivered superb work. I highly recommend working with them.
    Sean L.
    CEO & Founder at Placement Inc
  • Mr. Mike has demonstrated high technical and aesthetic skills. That confirmed his experience and attractive portfolio. Our client Ferrero Poland is very pleased with the results of the work.
    Margaret L.
    Account Manager at Brave Agency
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Centrum Balustrad - Website
Centrum Balustrad - Website
Centrum Balustrad
Travel Finder
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